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Sanchez is the overwhelming choice of Latino voters for US Senate

If you were at all curious about the impact of the Latino vote in the presidential and federal downticket races, NALEO’s survey of Latino voters offers this new survey. The poll covers states with a significant Latino population and there’s a state-by-state breakdown.  When we get to the US Senate candidates, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez holds…

Gun Violence is a Conservative Problem, Not a Liberal One

I meant to get to this post much sooner.  Two Saturday’s ago, the Register’s relocate Libertarian/Christian columnist Mark Landsbaum went after progressives/liberals/leftists in a big way with this column.  Here’s a taste: “Fortunately, after bullying, lying and otherwise contriving themselves into power, self-anointed progressive benefactors’ claims of a better day ahead often are recognized for…

California Inauguration Day

Today is Inauguration Day for California’s state-wide Constitutional Officers. The most significant, the inauguration of Governor Jerry Brown to an unprecedented fourth term as Governor. Governor Brown will be inaugurated in the State Capitol. Outside, after the inauguration, workers from Orange County will hold the second “People’s Inauguration” celebration.