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Message to Lucille- You Feeling Lucky?

So Lucille Kring has decided to forego either a second consecutive term on the Anaheim City Council or a run for Anaheim Mayor in order to pursue a quixotic run against Lou Correa for State Senate. My question to Lucille is are you feeling lucky, because the odds are against you in so many ways, it’s not even funny. If Curt Pringle was any friend of yours, he would have told you not to do it. That is not very nice of him. What kind of a friend encourages you to be a sacrificial lamb. So let’s break down just how ugly of a loss this is going to be.

Harvey Milk Day May 22nd

In an LA Times Blog story this afternoon it is reported that a bill introduced by Assemblyman Mark Leno and State Senator Sheia Kuehl was narrowly approved Tuesday morning in the Senate that would require the Governor to proclaim May 22nd of each year as Harvey Milk Day in honor of slain gay civil rights…