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It’s Not All About the Swing-States

If you watch the cable news channels you may have gotten the impression that the only place where voters matter is in the swing-states. At times it seems the two presidential candidates are running for President of Virginwiscoflohiowa. While that election is getting all the attention, there are some important votes in California that could swing the balance of political power away from middle-class Californians for years to come.

Michele Martinez Stands With GOP on Ballot Initiative

Santa Ana City Councilwoman Michele Martinez is supporting the Government Performance and Accountability Act ballot initiative. She joins the Orange County Business Council, and pay-to-play princess Councilwoman Kris Murray of Anaheim in supporting this radical reform of the state constitution.

Julio Perez Launches Campaign Website and Begins Canvasses

Julio Perez

Using every tool available to reach voters, the Julio Perez for Assembly campaign this weekend began the first of several neighborhood canvasses. The campaign also announced the launch of its official website at www.JulioForAssembly.com that features several tools to organize volunteers, energize supporters and collect campaign contributions.

California Assembly Approves Plan to Close Budget Deficit

“This budget means hundreds of thousands of teachers, cops, firefighters, child care providers, health care workers and private business owners will keep working and contributing to our economic recovery,” Pérez said. “We maintain education funding because a well-educated workforce is essential to California’s future prosperity. We set aside $30 million to help small businesses grow and thrive by freeing up access to the capital that will help them expand and hire new employees. We protect public safety and we reject economically hurtful tax increases on California’s working families.”

Time to make a CALL for Single Payer Health Care in CA

Despite the passage of federal health insurance reform, California still needs a single-payer health care system. That’s the official position of the California Democratic Party. The national health insurance reform bill still doesn’t take care of providing health care for everyone who needs it: for example, it will leave 3 million Californians uninsured while eliminating hospital subsidies for taking care of people without insurance.