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California Democratic Party Convention in LA

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @TheLiberalOC The convention takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center and JW Marriott at LA Live facility in downtown Los Angeles. Several of our blog team members are delegates so we will have some first hand coverage. Leading our coverage team is Deborah White. Deborah is a State Party Delegate from the 72nd Assembly district.

Caucus Meeting Schedule for California Democratic Convention

All registered California Democrats may attend and participate in caucus meetings taking place at this weekend’s state Democratic Convention, being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The purpose of the California Democratic Party’s 19 caucus groups is to ensure that the unique issues confronting each of the caucuses are amply represented in the state…

Fix California’s Budget Process

A small minority of Republicans has held the entire California budget process hostage year after year. Their ransom? They refuse to vote for the state budget until deals are made to eliminate environmental protections, decimate programs that help the poor and middle class, weaken worker safety, and rollback consumer protections.

California needs a majority vote budget – and you can help

From the California Democratic Party’s web site at http://www.cadem.org Teachers, firefighters and nurses have launched a petition drive to put a majority vote budget on the ballot in November. Their measure changes the vote requirement to pass a budget from two-thirds to a simple majority and penalizes legislators for failing to do their most important…