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LA Times: Public Employee Unions are not the problem

George Skelton’s column in today’s Los Angele Times shatters some of the myths about the impact of public employees’ unions in California on the annual budget crisis.  Skelton writes: “In truth, California’s budget nightmare stems from a devil’s brew of sins: lack of discipline on both spending and tax-cutting in the past; an outdated and…

Assembly Budget Proposal Released By Speaker John A. Pérez

California has to produce a budget that promotes job creation and makes economic sense,” Pérez said. “We shouldn’t make budget decisions that cut jobs and short change our overall recovery and long term growth. The California Jobs Budget will protect and create 465,000 jobs in the private sector and local communities while als protecting funding for schools, public safety, and a basic safety net.”

New Video from Melissa Fox for Assembly

Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger announced a revised budget that included even deeper cuts to our elementary schools, our universities and community colleges, and health care for seniors. These cuts will be devastating to our community and obstruct our local economic recovery.

Speaker Perez and Asm. Solorio to hold State Budget Forum in OC

California continues to face unprecedented budget challenges. Legislators need your input in this process in order to make tough choices on what to fund, what to cut, and where to find the needed revenues. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to be engaged in the state budget process within our representative democratic framework.

Fix California’s Budget Process

A small minority of Republicans has held the entire California budget process hostage year after year. Their ransom? They refuse to vote for the state budget until deals are made to eliminate environmental protections, decimate programs that help the poor and middle class, weaken worker safety, and rollback consumer protections.

State Legislative Leaders Announce Reform Package

Maybe something good is happening in Sacramento. Well, it is possible. Stranger things have happened; this is, after all, California. Much of this is what people have been asking for. Much of it is common sense. Much of it is likely to stir up a hornet’s nest. It will be interesting to see how much…

Arnold Vetos Budget for Battered Women

Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues,” penned this extraordinary opinion piece about the Governor of California’s decision to terminate funding in the budget for battered women. From the piece: I try to imagine what the governor thinks as he draws his veto pen through 40 years of women’s struggle and work, how he sleeps knowing…