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Sanchez: Schwarzenegger balancing budget on the backs of teachers and students

Once again, the state legislature is showing just how out-of-touch it is with the priorities of millions of California families. In an effort to pay their bills, state lawmakers have decided to withhold billions of dollars in funding for teachers and students. Given the severity and potential impact of these cuts, you would think California’s legislators would redouble their efforts to find another solution. Instead, they are preparing to adjourn at the end of August – without a solvent budget.

Arnold Vetos Budget for Battered Women

Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues,” penned this extraordinary opinion piece about the Governor of California’s decision to terminate funding in the budget for battered women. From the piece: I try to imagine what the governor thinks as he draws his veto pen through 40 years of women’s struggle and work, how he sleeps knowing…

Budget Deal Delivers $93 million Hit to OC

H/T to Jennifer Muir over at Total Buzz. According to County Finance Director Frank Kim, the impact on the county budget could be as much as $93 million and that does not count cuts to health and social services programs. Borrowing from Property Tax revenues $36.6 Million General Fund, $4.1 million from county parks, $3.1…