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Why does Van Tran know how many ballots are outstanding when nobody else does?

The suspicious part of me thinks that number is more reflective of Tran’s estimate of the number of late absentee ballots his campaign (allegedly) helped illegally dump at polling places across the district. There is (allegedly) a long history of Tran’s team gathering ballots from voters, and delivering them for them to the polls. This is of course illegal, but that hasn’t stopped this funny business over the years Tran has held office.

Sanchez Campaign Launches New GOTV Ad featuring President Bill Clinton

“I am thrilled to have the support of President Clinton and my friends and neighbors in Orange County,” said Rep. Sanchez. “But that support is meaningless if we don’t turn out to vote on Election Day. On November 2nd, head to the polls to make sure your vote counts. And remember you can avoid the long lines on Election Day by voting early.”

Van Tran – “I’m a child molester”

Political satirist Stephen Colbert has made an art out of interviewing members of congress and getting them to say things that can be taken out of context. Well, Assemblyman Van Tran didn’t need any help from Colbert to step into it during his debate with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Wednesday night. “I’m a child molester.” These were not four words any candidate ever wants to come out of his or her mouth.