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Ken Calvert is horribly confused.

At least it sure seems that way. Ken Calvert seems to think he’s running against Nancy Pelosi on November 2nd. But he’s not. He’s running against Bill Hedrick. For Congress. To help clear-up Calvert’s confusion, we here at Team Hedrick have made this short ‘educational’ video to help clear up the Congressman’s confusion. And we thought you might like to see it too.

The Ken Calvert Corruption Chronicles, Episode 3

This month the House approved the Keeping All Students Safe Act, a bipartisan bill providing comprehensive protection for children against abusive disciplinary actions at schools, such as restraints, drugging, or being isolated in a locked room. Ken Calvert voted against this bipartisan bill. Ken Calvert voted for the continued use of abusive discipline in the classroom.

CA-44: What Ken Calvert Doesn’t Want You to Have

Remember when I told you about how our lovely South County (and Riverside) Congresscritter Ken Calvert (R-Hypocrisy) was trying to take credit for economic recovery projects that he voted against? Well, guess what? Now we can actually see for ourselves what Ken Calvert voted to deny his constituents! Let’s take a look at what Ken…

Republican Hypocrisy Inaction

How lovely. Even though Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Scandal) proudly voted “NAY!” on the economic recovery bill, he has no problem giving himself a “YEA!” for supposedly ensuring economic recovery in the 44th District. “It’s no surprise that House Republicans are betting on failure, while President Obama and Democrats are investing in success. But for House…