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Santa Ana Mailbox: The Nutty Pedroza

This mail piece hit yesterday slamming Art Pedroza’s bid for City Council in Santa Ana. It’s really kind of fun to watch Pedroza crow that, since a hit piece was sent out by an independent expenditure group against him, his campaign is actually viable.

Mauk Speaks on Busty’s Comment

Author’s Note: For the record, the opinions and statements expressed in this post, and others I have written in the past, reflect my personal opinions and not those of any organizations or individuals with whom I may be presently or formerly affiliated. FINALLY! OC Register investigative reporter Norberto Santana followed up with Orange County CEO Tom Mauk on…

Santa Ana Council Filings

The names and signatures are in and presuming nough signatures are verified by the city clerk, here’s who is running. Mayor: Miguel Pulido Michelle Martinez George Collins Stanly Fiala. Ward 1: Vince Sarmiento Jm Walker Ward 3: Carlos Bustamante Steve Rocco Art Pedroza Anna Rebecka Valencia-Verdin Ward 5 Claudia Alvarez Lisann Martinez