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Obama Weekly Address: Pay as you go

The President, having just signed the “Pay As You Go” law, discusses the importance of this fundamental rule to getting budget deficits in check. Ensuring that new spending and tax cuts are offset was a important factor in creating the budget surplus of the late 1990’s.

Obama Weekly Address: A Budget Equal to the Task Before Us

From the White House Blog: The President reflects on lessons from his time spent outside Washington recently, which only reinforced the core principles in his budget. The budget will be his central focus throughout this week: “These investments are not a wish list of priorities that I picked out of thin air – they are…

Republican Budget Math

To avoid raising taxes and still balance the books in Sacramento, you’d have to virtually shut down state government. But hell, why should we let a little math get in the way of ideology? I’ve always understood that people who do not believe in government, or its place in creating a civil society, should not be in a…