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Interesting details revealed by audio of GGUSD Meeting

Yesterday I wrote about the letter I sent to the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees regarding a violation of the Brown Act. At that time the audio for the January 5th meeting had not been posted. There is definitely more impact when you hear the voices as opposed to reading the transcripts of these meetings. So much so, I took the time to combinethe audio with pictures of the people speaking to make it clear who said what.

GGSD Trustee KimOanh Nguyen Lam walks from meeting over Lan Nguyen’s violation of Brown Act

In a dramatic move supporting government transparency and accountability, Dr. KimOanh Nguyen Lam, Trustee for the Garden Grove Unified School District, walked out of Tuesday evening’s board meeting over an alleged blatant violation of the Brown Act by her fellow board members. The Brown Act prohibits a quorum of elected officials from deciding on public matters without…

Will Shawn Nelson Get Spanked Tonight

The Fullerton City Council has placed on its agenda for tonight’s meeting a discussion of collective bargening and Brown Act rules. The discussion is being held because Councilman Shawn Nelson apparently violated those rules relating to the negotiation of employee contract agreements. The Register has speculated that Nelson will be censured for his conduct. Fullerton…

Shawn Nelson is no hero!

And another Orange County Register Editorial distorts the truth, again. In a Sunday Editorial The Orange County Register tries to paint Fullerton City Councilman Shawn Nelson as a hero for revealing confidential discussions from closed session meetings of the Fullerton City Council regarding contract negotiations with city employees. Not only is Mr. Nelson not a…