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Purity Has Its Place

President Obama surprised some and disappointed others with the tax deal he cut. Ideological purists are up in arms, saying he capitulated yet again. Pragmatists are impressed that he hoodwinked Republicans. One could argue that both perspectives are true.

Boxer and Carville in the Big Easy

Send our friend Chuck DeVore a message by contributing to Senator Barbara Boxer’s campaign.  Dear Friend, I’ve known Barbara Boxer for a long time. She’s one of my favorite Democrats: Somebody who proudly tells you where she stands and what she believes in. In Louisiana, we call that showing some spine — and that goes…

DeVore’s US Senate announcement: the Liberal Translation

You know, there’s plain old English and then there’s Republican-speak, a twisted and bending way of saying something you truly believe is true even though reality is warped when words are compared to facts. As a Liberal public service, we’ve translated State Rep. Chuck DeVore’s announcement for his run for Senate against Barbara Boxer.  Our…

Chuck DeVore’s First Ad

Geez Louise; the last election is less than a month ago, and Chuck DeVore has launched his first TV ad in his US senate race against Senator Barbara Boxer.  [youtube]WrFJRNRDL0M[/youtube] The ad is classic Chuck.  Not a single word on why voters should vote for him and he tries to tie Boxer with the financial…