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Call To Action

A CALL TO ACTION Tuesday morning, by a 4-1 margin, the Orange County Board of Supervisors passed a “Resolution in Support of the Right to Vote.” This resolution, drafted by Board Chairman Bill Campbell, a Republican, purports to provide an adequate response to the recent attempted disenfranchisement of 14,000 American citizens in Orange County. Campbell’s…

Classy or Calculating?

Lynn Daucher showed up at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting this morning and she said that she was on the same side as Correa when it came to the county mailing 14,000 citizens to tell them that, unlike what they read in the Tan Nguyen letter, they can vote. From Peggy Lowe’s story at the…

BOS: “Not a county issue.”

The Board of Supervisors just met and discussed sending letters to the 14,000 voters that received the silly Tan Nguyen letter reminding them that it is legal for citizens of the United States to vote. The board decided that “this is not a county issue.” Details on the meeting will be coming shortly.