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Good Night

I just got home from Proof in Santa Ana. It was a pretty good (bipartisan) crowd. If I didn’t have to wake up so early tomorrow, I’d probably still be there. Neal Kelly is estimating that there are 2,500 late absentee ballots that need to be counted and 750 provisional ballots; and they’ll all get…

Early night?

The results of tonight’s special election could really be clear by 8:00 tonight when the Registrar of Voters posts the first set of numbers on their website. There were so many absentee ballots that came in before today, and if Umberg has a lead at that time, it will only grow as the night rolls…

Umberg’s pep talk

[ev type="youtube" data="13chs1xvAkU"][/ev] This is another video from The Orange County Register’s Peggy Lowe.  It’s Umberg giving a pep talk to people this morning before they went out and pushed people to the polls.