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Art Pedroza is FREE!

Orange Juice blogger Art Pedroza has decided to quit the Republican Party. He’s kind of been on the outs with the local GOP for a while now; independent thinking and vocalizing opinions that weren’t handed down by the machine are frowned upon by local Republicans. I am declaring myself a Free Man. The fastest growing…

New design: up & bug free!

The newly designed TheLiberalOC.com is up and running.  I’ve tested it in all common browsers, and found no issues.  If you see anything odd, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Bloggers take politicians to task

The Democrat that is representing the California 10th congressional district has learned a lesson that Joe Lieberman knows all to well: blogs have power. Up in Northern California, the political career of Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Alamo) is at risk because of a very close-knit group of political bloggers.There are websites dedicated to kicking Tauscher from…

The new design

We’re still working out some of the kinks, but the new design of TheLiberalOC.com is uploaded, and live. The most exciting feature is the RSS feeds in the newly created left-hand column of the site ().

Update: Democrats 69th AD Caucus

  This just in from Andrew Davey: Great news from the Land of the OC: The sensible progressives won! Today was an amazing day for Democrats in Central Orange County. For one, we had a record SIXTY-ONE DEMOCRATS show up for the caucus. In past years, there weren’t even ENOUGH CANDIDATES in the 69th Assembly…

Progressive Bloggers Joining the “Establishment”

Browsing through the blogs today I found a few stories about the new process for electing Assembly District Delegates to the State Democratic Party. One of the more interesting points I found was that there are a number of “progressive bloggers” running for seats on the state party. My fellow blogger Claudio over at Orange…