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Orange Juice Blog Implosion. Karma?

This is one of those moments where you pinch yourself to see if you are awake. I did, and I am. I saw this headline in the OrangeJuiceBlog feed and I couldn’t resist taking a look. Welcome to the world’s first blog coup.   

There’s our job and there’s Obama’s job

The right-wingers commenting on this and other OC blogs (Jubal & d’Anconia to name two) have been crying about the “leftosphere” attacks on the McPalin ticket. One example Jubal (a.k.a. Matt Cunningham Editor of Red County/OC blog) had this to say about Bill Spaulding’s recent post about the Mayor of Hooterville. Gracias, Bill. Every time someone…

SiteMeter working again

Apparently, the SiteMeter system is back up and running. Here is the explanation they have placed on their main page. SiteMeter IE Issues Resolved Dear SiteMeter Users, We have become aware of a compatibility issue with our SiteMeter tracking code and IE 7 (possibly IE 6) browsers that started sometime last night. The problem was…

Guns & Rosaries?

Hmmm. I wonder who the mysterious Matt Cunninghamon is who blogs for the new Red County property “Guns & Rosaries.”  You have to love the tagline: “Bitterly Clinging to Our Conservative Principles.”     

Bloggers Don’t Change Minds; We Cater to the Base

Chalk this post up to catch up from last week’s downtime.  Without getting into a lot of details, I had a discussion last week with another liberal family member who expressed intimidation at debating a more conservative family member on politics.  It was a case of not being as sure of his facts (which have…

Best Liberal Blog in OC (Update)

Cleaning up on outstanding posts from last week when the site was down… Media Bistro covered our recognition as the Best “Liberal” Blog in Orange County by Orange Coast Magazine.  Thanks Mayrav. Tuesday Jul 08, 2008 Best Liberals In the OC. All Three of Them. Orange Coast Magazine recently came out with its “Best Of”…