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Speak Out! on LiberalOC

speak out

Whether you are a Liberal, Progressive, or Democrat, and have something to say about political issues affecting your city, Orange County, California, or the United States we want to give you the opportunity to Speak Out.

Why I started blogging for TheLiberalOC

Kathy Findley

I have lived in Costa Mesa for 33 years.  I consider myself a local even though I wasn’t born here.  In my neighborhood, we care about each other.  Those of us who have had friction, have learned to get along.  As a matter of fact, my landlord is my ex husband’s father and he is…

Blogging Obama’s Town Hall from the Press Playpen

It was a great privilege to have the chance to attend the Town Hall meeting with President Obama in Costa Mesa on Wednesday. I have had the opportunity to cover a number of events with the Democratic Party over my three years of blogging, but not as a credentialed member of the White House press.…