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Hedrick Vows Fight Against Social Security Privatization

“Social Security isn’t some sort of lab specimen for career politicians in Washington to experiment with,” Hedrick said. “My opponent voted to implement President Bush’s privatization plan, but I stand with the people in telling Congress and Ken Calvert to keep their hands off Social Security.”

Ken Calvert is horribly confused.

At least it sure seems that way. Ken Calvert seems to think he’s running against Nancy Pelosi on November 2nd. But he’s not. He’s running against Bill Hedrick. For Congress. To help clear-up Calvert’s confusion, we here at Team Hedrick have made this short ‘educational’ video to help clear up the Congressman’s confusion. And we thought you might like to see it too.

Taking the Fight to Orange County

Orange County is one of the most pivotal electoral battlegrounds in the nation as Democrats struggle to maintain majorities in the State Assembly and Congress. Despite minimal support from the Democratic Party leadership, Orange County has great potential to fare well in the November elections. The Obama 2008 campaign did better in Orange County than any other Democratic presidential candidate in history, raising eyebrows among some party activists.

Hedrick Calls Republican Opponent Ken Calvert ‘the Joe Barton of California’

Democratic Congressional candidate Bill Hedrick today admonished his opponent, Republican Ken Calvert, for $16,725 in campaign contributions received from the oil industry this election cycle and for a $4000 contribution received from BP apologist Joe Barton’s PAC. Hedrick called on Calvert to give $20,725 received in oil industry contributions to small businesses in gulf region.