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Prosperity vs Austerity

When Bill Clinton was president and the economy was booming, the frequent refrain was “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  Government was paying down the debt accrued by the Reagan-Bush (I) years and we had a strong economy with budget surpluses.  Life was good.  When George W. Bush became president, it was tax cuts all…

The Romney-Ryan-Akin Platform for Women

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are having trouble distancing themselves from the most conservative platform in GOP party history, which includes a Human Life Amendment that bans abortions in all cases. The DNC is out with a new web video: “The Romney-Ryan-Akin Platform for Women”

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 9)

It was an adventurous and challenging week traveling through South County this week. I was in the midst of trying to see how the month was looking. I had a chance to catch up with those people from street corners in Laguna Niguel throughout the past week. One of the first ones I had a…

Sanchez Campaign Launches New GOTV Ad featuring President Bill Clinton

“I am thrilled to have the support of President Clinton and my friends and neighbors in Orange County,” said Rep. Sanchez. “But that support is meaningless if we don’t turn out to vote on Election Day. On November 2nd, head to the polls to make sure your vote counts. And remember you can avoid the long lines on Election Day by voting early.”

Around South County: Bill Clinton, Sanchez, Krom, Fox, and more…

As I continue to travel around South County on my listening tour, I have been hungry for news on the election front. As it stands today, unless one looked at the actual signs, you wonder if an election actually existed. There is news, though: Giuliani is coming to OC to campaign for Van Tran and Carly Fiorina. But, there is also a bigger start coming to town too: Bill Clinton!!!

Bill Clinton to Campaign for Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom

Jerry Brown announced the terrific news today that President Bill Clinton will join him and Gavin Newsom, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, on the campaign trail on October 15 and 17, which should effectively kill Meg Whitman’s phony innuendoes of a Clinton-Brown feud. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brown announced at a press conference, “I am very…

Bill Clinton Hospitalized for Chest Pains in NYC

CNN is reporting that former President Bill Clinton is in the hospital in New York Citry suffering from chest pains.  From the story:  The sources did not know whether it was a “full heart attack.” The White House was told of the situation, a source close to the former president told CNN. Clinton, 63, underwent…