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Sanchez, DPOC Disappointed with OC BoS Over Politicizing Healthcare

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and DPOC Chair Frank Barbaro have both issued statements regarding the politicization of healthcare by the County’s Board of Supervisors.  Barbaro and the DPOC released the following statement: Today, DPOC Chair Frank Barbaro added his voice to the growing number of concerned citizens in condemning last week’s decision by the Orange County…

Choi to Run for Mayor in Irvine

Termed out Irvine City Council member Dr. Steven Choi is a candidate for mayor in the 2012 election and it brings up all sorts of fun to look forward to in the coming election cycle. Choi, who embarassed himself and the city by wearing a Photoshopped image of then Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Stalin in 2009, was the subject of voter fraud charges from former Assembly candidate Jerry Amante, then Mayor of Tustin. Choi and his entire family were registered to vote from a rented condo/apartment in Woodbridge while the city councilman was still clearly residing in a posh Woodbury home.

OC Supes to State: We’ll see you in court!

Jose Solorio tried and failed to get the state legislature to restore the $48 million that was lifted from our collective pocket books to help balance the state budget. the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to hire some lawyers to take the state to court and try to get our money back that way.

Still $40,000 in Debt, Chuck DeVore Plans 2012 Run

Has it been two weeks since Chuck DeVore left office?  I hadn’t thought about it until I got an email from new Assemblyman Don Wagner on his swearing in ceremony (more on that in a bit).  But Chuck can’t wait until 2012 and the LA Times is reporting he is already planning to run but…