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Palin Debate Fact Check on Health Care

One of the topics discussed in the Vice Presidential Debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin was the issue of Health Care. It really was no surprise to me that Governor Palin managed to misrepresent the health care plans of both John McCain and Barack Obama. Palin claimed McCain’s health care plan would…

Obama-Biden Rally Today October 4

Let your Voices be Heard Supporters of Change Unite!  OBAMA & BIDEN ARE THE LEADERS WHO WILL BRING THE CHANGE OUR COUNTRY NEEDS! Please join us at a pro-Obama rally   This will be held at the same time that Sarah Palin is fund raising at Segerstrom Hall

A VP Debate Recap

I caught ther debate on CNN and laughed outloud when GOP analyst Ed Rollins scored a positive point for Governor Palin just for walking onstage and shaking Senator Joe Biden’s hand.  In a nutshell; Biden was presidential.  Palin was mayoral. Biden’s biggest gaffe of the night was incorrectly citing Article I of the Constitution describing…

Post Debate Moose Dressing

Join the Drinking Liberally gang at Memphis in Santa Ana (201 N. Broadway) at 8:30 tonight for our regular weekly gathering. This week, in addition to discussion of why it took so long for Tan Nguyen to be indicted we will conduct our post-VP Debate Moose Dressing training. This should be fun! 🙂    

The VP Debate

While the Republicans are doing their best to lower expectations of Sarah Palin’s performance in the next debate, we want to point out that — on issues she knows well — she’s a skilled debater. She knows Alaska politics and does a good job in debates on that as this YouTube video shows. [youtube]y1-B-OyQ-KI[/youtube] So…