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The AD-70 Race’s Biggest Winner: Melissa Fox

While watching the returns for the Republican primary in the AD-70 race, it should be obvious that the biggest winner of the primary election for this seat last night was Melissa Fox. She came in with more than 10,600 votes surpassing even Republican primary winner Don Wagner by a few hundred votes. We’re hoping Wagner shows the willingness to debate Fox for this seat and often.

Update on Krom’s Fundraising

The Krom campaign sent us the attached news item on her fundraising.  She’s doing better than any other Democratic candidate in CD-48 and is gaining traction with conservative voters in Newport Beach who want congressional help to dredge Newport Harbor.  But we’d like to give a shout out to Rick Reiff for suggesting a TV…

Campbell’s Corona Del Mar Fundraiser Targeting CPAs Cancelled Due to Tepid Response

Rep. John Campbell brands himself a fiscal conservative (despite voting for stimulus programs pushed for by the Bush Administration in 2008).  Campbell leverages his CPA/MBA brand constantly, using his “Green Eye Shade” label for his blog.  Yet one of Campbell’s first OC fundraisers for the year, an event targeting CPAs with low dollar pledges of…

Beth Krom’s guest spot on the Bill Press Radio Show

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyfWVCC5uQs[/youtube] Irvine council member and Democratic candidate for Congress in CD-48, Beth Krom, was a guest on the Bill Press radio program this week.  If you missed the program, click on the YouTube file to check it out.  Bill Press is one of the nation’s leading progessive radio hosts.  Don’t be surprised if Beth doesn’t…

Primary Challenges for Orange County Democrats

In the Fourth District Supervisor contest to fill the unexpired term of recently elected Assemblyman Chris Norby, we have a full field of six candidates, three Republicans, and three Democrats in this technically non-partisan contest. On the Democratic side we have Anaheim City Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, La Habra City Councilwoman Rose Espinoza, and Buena Park Mayor Art Brown. On the Republican side there is Fullerton City Councilman Shawn Nelson, Anaheim City Councilman Harry Sidhu, and Businessman Richard Faher.