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Will John Campbell Debate Beth Krom?

In a recent Rick Reiff TV show, Reiff invited Irvine Council member Beth Krom back on the program for a debate with Congressman John Campbell, whom Krom will face in the November election for CD-48.  Adam Probolsky, a Republican Party operative/pollster/freelance Register columnist (nice campaign ads, er columns, for your friends Adam) overheard Reiff’s invitation and…

OC Republican Delegation Says Tough Luck To Unemployed and Troubled Homeowners

UPDATED: “House votes to extend jobless benefits” – On Tuesday, House Democrats revived legislation to extend unemployment benefits after previous legislation failed to pass the Senate. The new House bill, HR 5618, only addresses the unemployment extension. If approved, it would have allowed the more recently-unemployed to continue getting extended benefits and Fed-Ed aid through November. It would be retroactive to May and June.

Probolsky Pushes DeVore to For Irvine Mayor

The Irvine World News columnist, pollster and Republican Party operative Adam Probolsky is advocating that failed US Senate candidate Chuck DeVore launch a bid for Irvine’s mayor against the popular and effective Suhkee Kang.  Probolsky tweeted this yesterday and his column yesterday amounted to an ad for the Republican politician. Probolsky wrote: “Supporters of making…

The AD-70 Race’s Biggest Winner: Melissa Fox

While watching the returns for the Republican primary in the AD-70 race, it should be obvious that the biggest winner of the primary election for this seat last night was Melissa Fox. She came in with more than 10,600 votes surpassing even Republican primary winner Don Wagner by a few hundred votes. We’re hoping Wagner shows the willingness to debate Fox for this seat and often.

Update on Krom’s Fundraising

The Krom campaign sent us the attached news item on her fundraising.  She’s doing better than any other Democratic candidate in CD-48 and is gaining traction with conservative voters in Newport Beach who want congressional help to dredge Newport Harbor.  But we’d like to give a shout out to Rick Reiff for suggesting a TV…