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Limbaugh’s a Bane in the A$$

The Dark Knight Rises, the third chapter in director Christopher Nolan’s epic “Batman” series opens official today and is expected to surpass $190 million this weekend. Positive reviews of the film say it could overtake the $207 million “The Avengers” took in during the first weekend in May.  So why talk about a comic book…

Romney’s Bain Asset Turns Into a Liability

Sunday shows were tough for Mitt Romney as conservative commentators and elected officials alike blasted Mitt Romney for not releasing his tax returns. Romney advisors scrambled to reason when exactly the candidate retired from Bain Capital. The chorus of calls for Romney to release his tax returns is growing louder nationally – and it’s certain that…

Much more ado about Romney’s time at Bain – When did he leave exactly?

Either Romney filed false SEC statements or he’s making false statements to the American people now. Yesterday, The Boston Globe reported that Romney was still running Bain Capital two years after he claims he left the firm, directly contradicting his campaign’s denial that he was involved in deals that led to layoffs, bankruptcies, and American jobs getting shipped overseas.

Mitt Romney’s Business Philosophy

When Romney and his partners at Bain Capital took control of in 1993 Kansas City’s GST Steel had been making steel rods for 105 years. After placing GST Steel deeply in debt the company eventually declared bankruptcy, and the government was forced to step in and provide a bailout.