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Best Person to Head New Consumer Protection Agency Opposed by Tim Geithner

Elizabeth Warren presents the best defense for the middle class. It is imperative she head the new agency that will ultimately defend consumers from the the practices of the banking and credit card industries. Far from being a crony to the financial kings, she has been the most vocal advocate of an agency dedicated to the interests of consumers.

But Baby, Obama Wants Me to Drive a Fiat X1/9

Of all the cars that I’ve owned, my favorite was a yellow and black 1975 Fiat X1/9. Designed by Nuccio Bertone, the X1/9 was a two-seater, hardtop convertible with a mid 1489 cc. engine and a five-speed transmission. It was beautifully styled and it handled like a dream. It was tremendous fun driving this sleek…

What Is Michael Steele Smoking?

This morning as I was finishing my breakfast glass of milk, I could barely contain it when I saw a video clip of Michael Steele, newly minted chair of the RNC, say something like the jobs being created by the economic stimulus package aren’t real jobs. It took a while today, but I’ve finally located…

Considering Government Spending

Mark Zandy at Moody’s Economy released an interesting 18-page report on January 21. It’s title is “The Economic Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” In it are some interesting numbers. For example, there are times when government spending is preferable to tax cuts. Mr. Zandy calls it “Bang for the Buck” in a…

House Says NO! To Bailout

UPDATE: Bailout goes down with the ship. 205-226. The House of Representatives appears close to voting down the proposed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. MSNBC has the story here. House leaders are scrambling to get enough votes to pass the measure.

700 billion “rescue plan”

My step Father, a naturalized citizen of the United States shared with me the following letter he sent to President Bush on Thursday. We rarely agree politically. As I usually point out to him, “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” At any rate, his letter is insightful and offers a different perspective on the…