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The REAL Chris Norby Web Site Debuts

Democrats are apparently taking tips from Republican campaigns to use wedge issues against their opponents and President Obama is certainly using the GOP’s war of women and the vast wealth of Republican candidate Mitt Romney to paint a narrative for voters.  It only makes sense this tactic might trickle down to a more local level…

OC Supes to State: We’ll see you in court!

Jose Solorio tried and failed to get the state legislature to restore the $48 million that was lifted from our collective pocket books to help balance the state budget. the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to hire some lawyers to take the state to court and try to get our money back that way.

Supes Redistricting: Small Change, Big Difference

SANTA ANA — On Tuesday, the Orange County Board of Supervisors took their swipe at the final maps for the Supervisorial districts that will be in place for the next ten years. With a last minute change to the Redistricting Committee’s recommendation submitted by Chairman Bill Campbell on Monday evening, the electoral influence of the…