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California Assembly Approves Plan to Close Budget Deficit

“This budget means hundreds of thousands of teachers, cops, firefighters, child care providers, health care workers and private business owners will keep working and contributing to our economic recovery,” Pérez said. “We maintain education funding because a well-educated workforce is essential to California’s future prosperity. We set aside $30 million to help small businesses grow and thrive by freeing up access to the capital that will help them expand and hire new employees. We protect public safety and we reject economically hurtful tax increases on California’s working families.”

Assembly Budget Proposal Released By Speaker John A. Pérez

California has to produce a budget that promotes job creation and makes economic sense,” Pérez said. “We shouldn’t make budget decisions that cut jobs and short change our overall recovery and long term growth. The California Jobs Budget will protect and create 465,000 jobs in the private sector and local communities while als protecting funding for schools, public safety, and a basic safety net.”