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Norby Arrested

Assemblyman Chris Norby

Former state assemblyman and former 4th district Supervisor Chris Norby was arrested Wednesday night on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment according to the Orange County Register. From the Register’s story: Police late Wednesday night were not able to provide any additional details regarding the allegations that led to Norby’s arrest. He was released…

Why Hasn’t Cardinal Mahony Been Arrested?

Each morning, the LA Times team covering the ongoing child sexual abuse scandal by priests in the Los Angeles archdiocese brings new revelations more shocking than the previous days story.  Over the weekend, Cardinal Roger Mahony was essentially stripped of any public duties by Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez while, somehow, remaining a priest in good…

Bustamante Charges Detailed by OC District Attorney

Carlos Bustamante Mug Shot (Photo: Courtesy O.C. District Attorney)

Bustamante is accused of sexually assaulting the victims in his office including hugging them, kissing their mouths and necks, rubbing his face against theirs, grabbing their breasts, touching their bare thighs and moving his hand towards their vaginas, grabbing their buttocks, exposing himself, and masturbating in front of his victims.