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Fleischman Comes Out for Cruz

US Senator Ted Cruz in OC, April 2015.  Photo by Dan Chmielewski

FlashReport Publisher and OC’s own Jon Fleischman has penned this marvelously and unintentionally funny column in Breitbart where he calls on conservatives to rally around US Senator Eduardo Rafael Cruz (R-Texas) in an effort to stop Trump.  What makes it a wonderful read is Fleischman’s admission they fell hard for the movie star appeal of…

OCDA’s Investigation Clears OC Fairgrounds Sale Efforts

Orange County Fairgrounds

The Orange County District Attorney’s office has again cleared insiders who tried to sell the Orange County Fairgrounds during the state of California’s fiscal crisis more than five years ago.  This is the second such report the DA’s office has conducted in the past four years and because Michael Lubinski, a senior assistant DA well…

President Arnold?


    You read that right.  Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has begun an intense lobbying effort to change U.S. law to allow him to run for President in 2016. You have to wonder if the effort is successful, would Jon Fleischman’s man crush for the Governator come back in full bloom? From the New…

Men behaving badly and the women who love them

Once again, sadly, the headlines are buzzing with steamy gossip about destructive sexual behavior in the world of the rich and famous.  In this post, I am only going to focus on the “fornicator/terminator,” Arnold.  Not that there isn’t so many to chose from!  There’s Andy Dick (oh, the irony of that name) and his latest arrest, Dominique Strauss-Kahn with…

Arnold’s Farewell Address

Governor Schwarzenegger

The Governator has released his final address to the people of California. Arnold has managed in his seven years in office to destroy the California economy. He has of course had a little help from his Republican Party allies.

Sanchez: Schwarzenegger balancing budget on the backs of teachers and students

Once again, the state legislature is showing just how out-of-touch it is with the priorities of millions of California families. In an effort to pay their bills, state lawmakers have decided to withhold billions of dollars in funding for teachers and students. Given the severity and potential impact of these cuts, you would think California’s legislators would redouble their efforts to find another solution. Instead, they are preparing to adjourn at the end of August – without a solvent budget.