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Colin Powell: “GOP needs to move to the Center”

A set up to this post.  Matt Cunningham has this post at Red County where he urges state assembly Republicans not to vote for Sam Blakeslee as the new assembly GOP leader because he’s the most liberal member of the GOP assembly. Matt writes: “The bad news is Assembly Republicans are apparently poised to replace…

Blonde Polar Opposites Capture America’s Attention

Blogger reviews Senator Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearing for her appointment for SOS, and jests about comfort levels of democratic senators who jumped ship from her campaign in the democratic primaries. Blogger also points out that Ann Coulter also had hardly any chance to engage fellow co-host on the view (not that you can’t predict what she’ll say).

Did she or didn’t she?

HT to Colin Stewart at the OC Register for this little story about Ann Coulter. The question is quite simple: did Ann have some work done? Given the OC’s rich history and experience with Plastic Surgery and the fact that Ann is closer to 50 than 40, did the conservative queen of mean recently undergo…