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The Fight Against Al Qaeda – Obama Weekly Address

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama discussed his solemn responsibility to protect the nation and the steps the administration has taken to that end. From ordering reviews into the attempted act of terrorism in Detroit to a comprehensive strategy that has refocused our efforts on the fight against al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and strengthened international partnerships to keep unrelenting pressure on extremists across the globe, the President will continue to do everything in his power to uphold the nation’s security.

9/11 Seven Years Later. Are We Safer Today?

In a word.  No. Bin Laden is still at large in spite of a multi-million dollar reward and John McCain’s claim that he’ll follow Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell is short on specifics, especially if Bin Laden is still in Pakistan. Al Qaeda, though weaker, is still a large terrorist organization.  The Taliban…