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SuperNews: GOP Death-Star

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEwb7obZLF4[/youtube] In honor of our friends at Red County, here’s timely video from CurrentTV’s “SuperNews” antimated program.  CurrentTV is run by former VP Al Gore, you know, the guy who got more votes than W did in 2000.

Why Norm Coleman Should Concede (with apologies to Peggy Noonan)

Back on December 4, 2000, at the height of the Bush-Gore Florida Recount, conservative columnist Peggy Noonan penned a piece for Time Magazine entitled, “Why Gore Should Concede.”  With Al Franken’s certified victory in the US Senate race coming today, I have decided to edit Ms. Noonan’s piece to reflect the Senate race in Minnesota.…

Al Gore’s Rocky Mountain High

While I am really looking forward to Senator Obama’s historic address to the Democrats at Mile High Stadium tonight, I frankly can’t wait for former Vice President Al Gore to address the corwd and discuss Global Warming. Why? Because the Register’s Mark Landsbaum (Global-Warming-is-a-Hoax) will be writing about it and working overtime to debunk Gore…