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The Wayback Machine in Irvine Politics

Since Stephen Smith of the Irvine Tattler, a man who can connect anyone to an Islamic terrorist organization on the basis of innuendo rather than fact, has turned on the “Wayback Machine” for a copy of a council meeting where Irvine Council member Larry Agran was censured by the Republican Majority.  Since we’re going to revisit a time…

Irvine’s Own Sarah Palin

Two years ago, as this blog was getting its footing on solid ground, I had lunch with someone close to the Orange County political scene who is actually very neutral.  We got on the subject of Irvine politics.  He questioned why there was such a rift between Council members Christina Shea and Larry Agran. noting…

A Note from The “Keeping Irvine Great” Ticket

Sukhee Kang for Mayor •  Beth Krom for Irvine City Council • Larry Agran for Irvine City Council Hello Everyone! This is Mayor Beth Krom. I am writing to let you know that Campaign 2008 is underway and we want you to be a part of it! If you are receiving this e-mail, you have…

Larry Agran Fundraiser on Tap

Here’s word of a fundraiser for Irvine City Councilman Larry Agran.  No word of if the Agranistas will play the Krommunists in Softball.  Despite what Christina Shea says, Larry and I are not BFFs. But he topped the ticket in his lst election and he has my support for his bid for re-election.

The City of Irvine Takes Down Irvine Tattler Signs

Our friend Allan Bartlett over at the Powder Blue Report hashis panties in a bunch over signs he paid for to promote the little-read Irvine Tattler web site were removed by the cty.  Immediately, Allan believes its the result of a conspiracy involving Larry Agran and filed this post on his blog.