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Latest AD-69 Poll Out

Michel Martinez explains her after-the-fact challenge of his endorsement. (Photo: John Christian Hansen)

This came in from the Michele Martinez campaign for AD-69, so like the poll released by Tom Daly, take these numbers with a grain of salt.  We’ll note the care taking to show how Julio Perez has no chance even though he leads in money raised and in the sheer number of endorsements. According to…

Daly Blows Off AD-69 Debate

Santa Ana city council member Michele Martinez wasn’t the only AD-69 candidate who blew off last night’s debate at Los Amigos.  OC Clerk Recorder Tom Daly was in Sacramento for a fundraising trip.  Martinez held a fundraiser in Santa Ana at the same time of the Los Amigos debate. Register reporter Andrew Galvin was there…

Julio Perez Captures Environmental Group Endorsement

Hot off the press release: Environmentalists Call Julio Perez “Best Choice” for Assembly League of Conservation Voters’ Endorsement Adds to Campaign’s Momentum Santa Ana, CA – Saying he has demonstrated a clear commitment to protect the environment, the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV), one of the state’s top environmental groups, today announced its endorsement…

Daly Gets Big S.O.A.R. Endorsement for AD-69

The Support Our Anaheim Resort District Political Action Committee (S.O.A.R PAC) has announced its endorsement of Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly District. During his tenure as Anaheim Mayor, from 1992-2002, Daly was a lead advocate for the creation of the Anaheim Resort District. To date, he remains a strong supporter and continues to recognize the value of the Anaheim Resort District.