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Thanks Geoff West; May Your Cauldron Always Bubble

The OC blogsphere is losing a good one with Costa Mes’a Geoff West deciding to “retire” his wonderful Bubbling Caldron blog. From his “final” post: “It is with very strong mixed emotions, and a lot of consultation and contemplation, that I’ve decided to stop blogging.  The site will remain open for your reference and, maybe,…

Costa Mesa Council – Still Crazy After 8 months

Eight months ago today the City of Costa Mesa issued layoff notices to almost half their employees in support of the crazy agenda of Council members Righeimer and Mensinger. We’ve tried to lay off the Costa Mesa City Council for the past several weeks, mainly because their efforts are tied up in court. But…

More Angry Birds in Costa Mesa

On Tuesday night the Costa Mesa City Council got an ear-full on priorities. They didn’t want to listen. Residents would get their three minutes to speak their minds, and then the Council members would take unlimited time firing back like a bunch of “Angry Birds.”

On the Radar 6-20-2011

Split Latino vote focus of redistricting hearing – Drawing new legislative districts for the entire state may be complex, but for most of the crowd that came to Cal State Fullerton to talk about the issue Saturday, the issue was a simple one: Keep Anaheim and Santa Ana together.