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Romney looks back on his campaign, regrets 47% comments

If you were watching CNN yesterday, you may have caught an interview with Mitt and Ann Romney. In the interview they discussed Mitt’s failed campaign for President and whether he had any regrets. The biggest thing that came to mind was of course his 47% comments he made at a fundraiser dinner.

Where Change Comes From

Obama for America has released a new web video, because today, the choice in this election became even clearer. On one side is a candidate who has disdainfully written off half the country. On the other, a President who has always said we can only change Washington together—and we have.

What Romney Really Thinks About Half of America

After the release of a damning video from a fundraiser earlier this year, Mitt Romney steered clear of making additional controversial statements yesterday when he brought his dog and pony show to the Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa for a fundraising extravaganza.