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These People Vote

And that’s scary. The glaring lack of facts is appalling. To this observer, these people represent exactly what it is they themselves fear but somehow cannot recognize. Yet they vote and get others to vote, also. If you want to prevent from occurring what it is that these people are whining about, hook up with…

Jerry Brown Running for California Governor in 2010

“Today, I am formally announcing my candidacy for the office of Governor of California, to deal head-on with the challenges facing this state I love. I have lived in California all my life, and I believe the obstacles in our path are substantial, but not insurmountable. If we have a Governor who will truly commit to dealing personally with the tough choices facing our state, and who will get in the trenches side by side with legislators, we can get California working again.

Feinstein on top in new Field Poll for Gov

A new Field poll was released today focused on the 2010 Governors race. From the report: FEINSTEIN IS BEST KNOWN AND MOST FAVORABLY REGARDED OF NINE INDIVIDUALS MENTIONED AS POSSIBLE 2010 GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATES. By Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field With the 2008 presidential and congressional elections now decided, the state’s political community is now adjusting its…