Upgrade Update


As mentioned in the previous post, we’ve got our best guy, Homer, working on this project. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we still do not have our old database restored and it looks like that’s going to take a little bit longer than expected. Other than that, our political news and information will continue forward

Huston, we have a problem in Tustin

As we reported last night (thank you tipsters!), William Huston, the retired city manager for Tustin, was named interim city manager on a 3-1-1 vote with Mayor Jerry Amante’s Republican majority all voting in lockstep and council member Deborah Gavello voting no and council member Becky Gomez abstaining. Huston gave an in-depth interview to the…

NY Times on Gov. Brown

  Sunday’s New York Times editorial page featured this column from Maureen Dowd based on an interview with Governor Jerry Brown in Anaheim.  Dowd’s wit and insight certainly come through, but as I read Brown’s quotes, I constantly wonder, “why didn’t Arnold say this? Why didn’t Arnold do this?” Some excerpts from the inteview: ”…

LA Times: California Should Take a Hard Line on Cockfighting

This morning’s Los Angeles Times’ editorial pages has called for California to take tougher steps to stiffen penalties for illegal and the dangerous practice of cockfighting.  The Times’ editorial cited a fatality that happened in the Central part of the state, where a rooster equipped with a razor cut a man who wound up bleeding to death. …