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Nature’s Reminder – 5.8 in Chino Hills

At 11:42 am an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.8 struck Chino Hills. It was felt strongly thoughout OC and across Southern California. No reports of damage. Chino Hills is a few miles northeast of Orange County, so I’m guessing it was felt most strongly on the northern end of the county. Where I…

Earthquake 5.4 felt in OC

Yes Virgina, that was an earthquake. According to Janet Nguyen it was her remarks on Moorlach’s Pension ballot initiative. Maybe it was the indictment of Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens on corruption charges by a federal grand Jury. Or maybe it was a fault line somewhere around Chino that slipped up a little. At any rate…

Walk for Change This Weekend!

So would you all like to do something local to help Barack Obama? And do you want to do something that will help elect more Democrats here in OC? Well, then I have something for you. Actually, I have four events happening all over the county this weekend! We have two Democratic walks for change…

Dog Abuse in Santa Ana

Scott Moxley of the OC Weekly recorded this shocking footage of someone in Santa Ana abusing a little dog. [youtube]–3tk[/youtube] Scott called Animal Control but let’s just say they weren’t helpful.  The link takes you to more details at the Navel Gazing blog.