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Obama-Biden Rally Today October 4

Let your Voices be Heard Supporters of Change Unite!  OBAMA & BIDEN ARE THE LEADERS WHO WILL BRING THE CHANGE OUR COUNTRY NEEDS! Please join us at a pro-Obama rally   This will be held at the same time that Sarah Palin is fund raising at Segerstrom Hall

Art Pedroza on Diversity: “Santa Ana is Not Irvine”

You’re damn right it’s not.  Ward 3 Santa Ana City Council candidate made an interesting statement dissing Irvine while promoting the diversity of Santa Ana.  Watch it on Video here and go to the 27:49 mark.  Art addresses the cultural fairs in Orange and ponders why Santa Ana doesn’t celebrate its diversity. “Santa Ana is…

Moorlach’s Risky Investments

Chriss Street fired off a press release Wednesday afternoon touting his wisdom and foresight. Seems he decided to reverse his previous position to “hold to maturity” the county’s investments in risky Structured Investment Vehicles (SIV’s).  In this case, Street decided to sell off the county’s holdings in the Sigma Financial SIV early. At the end…

Irvine’s Own Sarah Palin

Two years ago, as this blog was getting its footing on solid ground, I had lunch with someone close to the Orange County political scene who is actually very neutral.  We got on the subject of Irvine politics.  He questioned why there was such a rift between Council members Christina Shea and Larry Agran. noting…

Irvine Council Member Steven Choi wants an apology

The Register’s Sean Emery finally got around to writing a story about the bigoted comments made by Irvine Council member Steven Choi at last week’s Irvine Chamber of Commerce canddiate’s breakfast.  Choi’s comments warned the audience not to vote for a candidate, Todd Gallinger, who works for the Council on American-Islamic Relations – or CAIR – which Choi…

Post Debate Moose Dressing

Join the Drinking Liberally gang at Memphis in Santa Ana (201 N. Broadway) at 8:30 tonight for our regular weekly gathering. This week, in addition to discussion of why it took so long for Tan Nguyen to be indicted we will conduct our post-VP Debate Moose Dressing training. This should be fun! 🙂