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Would Reagan have been kicked to the curb today?

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee gets no love from the Flash Report.  Jon Fleischman has a brief post about this with a link to site about the sins against conservatives committed by “Tax Hike Mike.” Yet, based on the same standards Huckabee is being held to by conservatives, how would Ronald Reagan have fared? Reagan…

I Voted for Edwards. I’m Endorsing Obama.

When Senator John Edwards suspended his campaign last week I had my ballot ready to go, with Edwards marked as my choice for President. Having been a delegate for Senator Edwards to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, to say the least I was disappointed by the Senator’s decision. I sent it in anyway and have…

Red County For Romney

The LA Times reported a series of endorsements for each candidate; under the Romney file, Matthew Cunnigham , editor of the blog. This is extraordinary for two reasons: 1. Red County doesn’t have an endorsement on their own pages and 2. A blogger’s endorsement somehow means something.

Debbie to Challenge Dana

At the Democratic Party of Orange County’s Biennial Convention in Anaheim today, Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook will challenge Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for his 46th Congressional District seat. This is the first time that Dana will be challenged by an Orange County elected official. I’m sure I’ll have more later.

Democratic Voter Registration in California Sees Explosive Growth

California Democrats Shatter Record – In the final 45 days (60 days pre-election, December 7, 2008 to the January 22, 2008 15-day cut-off) prior to Election Day, the Secretary of State’s report of registration shows Democrats added 150,633 voters to bring its total to 6,749,406 or 43.0 percent of registered voters statewide.  Altogether, 244,202 voters…