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Some Special OC Democrats in Denver This Week

Here are some familiar local faces in Denver this week: [Debbie] Cook, who is contesting Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s 46th District seat, says the atmosphere is intense. “There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation here,” Cook said. She watched Hillary Clinton’s speech Tuesday night at a viewing party at the convention center, and she thought it…

OC Latinos for Obama Plan a Party

If you have not already RSVP’d, don’t forget to do so and join us tomorrow!!    OC Latinos for Obama Invites you to a Democratic Convention Watch Party   This Thursday evening Sen. Barack Obama (joined by his newly announced running mate, Sen. Joe Biden) will accept the Democratic Presidential nomination. Come share this historic moment with fellow…

Late Night Talk Show Quote of the Day

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show in a piece reacting to Michelle Obama’s speech and comments from the punditocracy on how Ms. Obama “has to prove her patriotism.” “Yes, everyone knows Republicans love America, they just hate half the people living in it.”  

DNC Denver 2008, Day 3 – From Outside Pepsi Center

By William D. Randall – Special to the Liberal OC. A former staff member with the DNC in both Los Angeles 2000 and Boston 2004, William is covering the 2008 DNC in Denver as John Q. Public, i.e. “Without Creds.” This morning I had the opportunity to attend the breakfast meeting of the 441 strong…