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Teacher Layoffs Already Affecting the Classroom

  “It’s an emotional time,” said Bismack, 29, of San Clemente, now in her third year at Canyon Vista. “I have a five-year degree and I’m working on a master’s degree. I was looked at as a highly qualified teacher, and now I’m looking for an alternative job for next year.”

Understanding Liberals?

Over at Today’s Flash Report, Jon Fleischman has written another memo, this one to Assembly member John Benoit on the faliure of his bill AB2389; the subject line in the memo is “Understanding Liberals,” a subject Jon clearly knows little about. The missive is proof positive that sometimes, the blank page is a signed confession…

Should we give ¡A Mexican! a raise?

It seems that there were a few things going on at the OC Weekly before us LIBERALS took over that I was not aware of. It looks like the OC Weekly was paying their resident ¡Mexican! Gustavo Arellano, like a Mexican, or maybe less than a WalMart greeter. At any rate, a commenter (Drew C)…

President of Chapman College Dems Awarded Woman of the Year by CA Young Democrats

This just in from OCYD: Chapman College Democrats President Julie Meigs is honored at this year’s California Democratic Party convention for her leadership with Chapman College Democrats. SANTA ANA, CA- The California Young Democrats have awarded Julie Meigs, the President of the Chapman College Democrats, as the California Young Democrats’ Woman of the Year. Julie…