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Hoa Van Tran Endorsed by DPOC

BREAKING Hoa Van Tran was endorsed at the Central Committee meeting with 66% of the vote. 60% was required. 33 votes in favor of endorsement; 8 votes opposing endorsement, and 9 abstensions. Congratulations to Hoa Van Tran.

Hoa Van Tran – Desperately Implying Endorsements

Hoa Van Tran’s first mail piece hit the First Supes District on Thursday. The mailer touted his commitment to serving the people of the first district and his “no-nonsense leadership for Central Orange County.”  There are several pictures on the mailer, one with an elected official from the First District. Side by side, Hoa Van Tran…

Support a Better Education for Santa Ana’s Kids

Here’s a special message I received recently from the Yes for Measure G campaign. As you may know well by now, the recent budget cuts are causing strain on schools everywhere… But this especially seems to be the case in Santa Ana. Working-class families have already suffered from past budget cuts to the schools here.…