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Earthquake Preparedness Planning?

Interesting post over at Total Buzz by Register writer Jennifer Muir. Guess what emergency managers from across the county were doing yesterday when the ground started shaking? Discussing how to promote countywide earthquake drills. “We were at the point when we were talking about ways to get the public involved, and then the earthquake hit,”…

Guns & Rosaries?

Hmmm. I wonder who the mysterious Matt Cunninghamon is who blogs for the new Red County property “Guns & Rosaries.”  You have to love the tagline: “Bitterly Clinging to Our Conservative Principles.”     

Street Gets Some Positive Recognition

I got this release on Monday from OC Treasurer Chriss Street’s office. It seems that the National Association of Counties has given Street a National Award for Innovation and Government Solutions. (Santa Ana, CA) – The National of Association Counties (NACo) has announced that the Orange County Treasurer’s Office has been awarded a 2008 National…

Best of C4O: Real Democrats. Real Platform. Real Change.

(Proudly cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama) How many of you attended your local Platform for Change event(s)? I did… As well as a reporter from my own local paper and several dozen local Democrats. Oh yes, and so did one of our terrific local Democrats running for Congress. But despite what you may think, there…