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Let California Fail

Since the proposed budget is bad (too many cuts in the wrong places), why should Democrats support it? Why isn’t the state Democratic Party telling the voters that this disaster has been caused by the Republicans? Why are the Democrats not seizing the ideological moment by calling this budget disaster a Republican disaster? We ought to insist now on a budget that is fair — and if that fails, we ought to go to the voters and tell them that the Republicans have caused their state government to fail.
Only then will we have the chance to get real change in California.

Local Budget Shortfalls

Here’s a quick summary of the announced budget shortfalls for our local governments.  Revenues are general fund revenues. Brea  - Revenues $54.8 million, Gap $2.3 million (4.2%), Revenue mix  33.3% sales and use taxes, 19.8% contract to provide police services for Yorba Linda, fees, 11.5% charges & other revenue, 10.4% property taxes  Buena Park - Revenues   $56.4 million, Gap…

OCEA Hits Cable: Tells Board to Chop at the Top

This just came in to us from Orange County Employees Association: New TV Ad Urges Supervisors to Layoff the Perks, Not Public Safety Officers, Child Abuse Counselors SANTA ANA, CA – Challenging the decision of the Orange County Board of Supervisors to keep their perks while ordering the departments they oversee to lay off more…

Progressive Econ 101: Free Markets

Free markets are the goal of many.  “Let the Free Market decide” is a rallying cry to bring the troops to the email and phones.  But, what is a Free Market? The simplest explanation is a free market is a  market where the individuals are free to exchange goods and money without the interference of…

State Budget Stalls

For the past few days OC Senator Lou Correa has been the center of attention in the legislative challenge of resolving the state budget crisis. After securing $35 million in additional property tax revenues in the coming fiscal year; $35 million in the 2010-11 fiscal year, and up to $50 million annually after that, Correa…

Anti-LGBT Censorship at CDM High?

I was startled at first when I saw the story at Queerty. And now that the principal’s storyline of events isn’t being confirmed by any one else, I’m starting to freak out. Is anti-queer censorship alive and well at Corona del Mar High School? It all started with this letter from a current CDM student,…

Gunfight at the OC Corral

There’s a gunfight brewing in Orange County that would make a great John Wayne movie. But the plot of the movie depends on your political perspective and your view on gun control.