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Republicans Litter Irvine with Political Signs Against Someone Not Running

AgranAudit signs

Irvine drivers along Michelson were treated to a fresh batch of orange “AgranAudit” signs on both sides of the roadway.  These signs were allowed during last fall’s political season as Larry Agran was running for re-election.  But Agran is out of office.  There’s no city election.  And the Irvine Police report numerous calls from residents…

IUSD still not talking about new toxic waste found at new Portola High School site


It’s been more than a week since we left messages for IUSD superintendent Terry Walker to comment on Harvey Liss’s detailed article in the Irvine Community News & Views about significant new findings of toxic waste at the construction site for Irvine’s new Portola High School.  The district’s new Public Information Officer doesn’t start until…

Agran’s Deposition set for Friday the 13th

Larry Agran

Former Irvine council member Larry Argan will sit down for his deposition into the Great Park forensic audit and investigation tomorrow with Anthony R. Taylor, the private attorney conducting the investigation into the Great Park.  Agran missed a deposition last month because he had asked for questions in writing so he could prepare for the interview…

Liberals are Meh when it comes to Presidential Head Explosions in Cinema

Bush Head on a Stick

Hat tip to Wonkette for this story about gleeful conservative World Net Daily movies reviewers cheering as President Obama’s head explodes to the soundtrack of Ode to Joy during the recently released movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”  Do you remember Liberals being outraged…yes outraged at the positively disrespectful tone of this movie’s depiction of Obama,…

Two Wrongs make a Right? The Logic of Sean Mill


As children, we’re taught “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Sean Mill apparently never received this lesson in kindergarten. Instead, he insisted, last night at a Santa Ana Planning Commission meeting, that his prejudicial remarks against a Vietnamese blogger that he was either “raped by pirates” or had “Agent Orange exposure”…

Keep the Solar Decathlon in Irvine

solar decathlon

The annual South by Southwest Conference, or SXSW, kicks off later this week in Austin, TX and its a major technology and cultural event that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars to Austin’s economy every year.  In 2013, the Solar Decathlon came to Orange County on the heels of what the Department of Energy…