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Supporting Public Schools

Parents of public school children are being asked to contact their state legislators in Sacramento on cuts to public school funding.  Here’s some helpful data to get you through your call.  But fair warning.  If your state rep or state senator is a Republican, you might as well be talking to a stone wall.  They…

Check Out Assm. Jose Solorio’s Open House This Thursday!

I got this invitation over the weekend… And I figured it would be nice to share this with all of you! California State Assemblyman Jose Solorio cordially invites you to attend the 2nd Annual District Office Open House. Visit Assemblyman Jose Solorio and meet his staff. Enjoy beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Thursday, April 17, 2008…

Hoa Van Tran speaks to OC Young Dems.

The following video was recorded at the behest of the 1st District Supervisor Candidate Hoa Van Tran campaign at the OC Young Dems meeting on Thursday evening.  This is the meeting that Gustavo reported on OC Weekly’s Navel Gazing about Hoa supporting amnesty for undocumented immigrants. [youtube][/youtube]

Good News, The Economy not Hurting Everyone

The Yacht Owners of Orange County get the benefit of a loophole where they don’t have to pay State taxes on the purchase of a new boat and when Republicans blocked the passage of a bill that would close this loophole this is how they defended their decision. Republican Senator Dick Ackerman started off opposition…