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Considering Government Spending

Mark Zandy at Moody’s Economy released an interesting 18-page report on January 21. It’s title is “The Economic Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” In it are some interesting numbers. For example, there are times when government spending is preferable to tax cuts. Mr. Zandy calls it “Bang for the Buck” in a…

Who’s the Girlie-Man Now?

Back in July 2004, when the California legislature was 17 days late in voting on the state budget, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger mocked Democratic legislators by calling them“girlie-men.” But who’s the girlie-man now?

Chris Norby – Quite Simply BAT CRAZY!

Fourth District Supervisor Chris Norby has always been a bit eccentric. Whether it is his knack for delivering unsolicited history lessons or his rambling rants, usually I simply pass off his eccentricity with the thought, “that’s Norby.” Known for taking mid-afternoon naps behind the Old Courthouse bushes, Thursday Norby crossed the line over into lulu-land. Tony Saavedra over at…

The Cost of Medical Care for County Electeds

Teri Sforza of the OC Watchdog Blog has an interesting story this morning on the Health Care benefit costs for 9 of 12 elected County officials. Wading into the nasty crossfire between county workers and managers (as budget black holes threaten to swallow us all), we’ve already told you that: the 12 elected officials in the…

The Toxic Right Wing Media

I get more magazines to my house than I’d care to admit, but one of my favorites is the Columbia Journalism Review.  The most recent issue contain this exceptional essay on the Toxic and Rabid right wing media.  Given how lefities were browbeat with charges of being unpatriotic by not supporting George W. Bush’s illegal…

Progressive Econ 101: Tax Theories

To say we are in an economic funk is being charitable.  Unfortunately, the debate is breaking more along party lines than is really good for the country.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the ideas about taxes (and therefore government!) that are out there. The Classic Idea – Taxes are a Deadweight Loss…

As Economy Crashes, We’re Killing Our Pets

As Americans are being forced to choose between buying food for their children or keeping their pets, or between paying for pet food or for their utilities bills, the economic crisis means death for thousands — perhaps millions — of abandoned dogs and cats.