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Berardino & Moorlach on the Layoffs

Below is a message that OCEA’s General Manager Nick Berardino sent out on Tuesday afternoon. On Friday I had the opportunity to debate Supervisor Moorlach. If you click on the video below you can see the debate. It only lasts 10 minutes but I encourage you to watch. I think it is very important that you see…

OC Budget Coalition Town Hall to Discuss CA Budget Woes Friday

Orange County State Legislators are invited and attending a critical budget forum in Garden Grove on Friday, February 13th, 2009 with the community of Orange County to expose the devastation the proposed cuts will have on people with disabilities, elderly, and the people that serve them. Experts and recipients of human services, unemployment, housing, and education give testimony to these vital issues that could be cut or lost if the Governors budget proposal gets passed.

Judge Rules: Moorlach’s Case “Has No Merit!”

The judge, Helen Bendix, in the case that Mooolach’s “Nutty Professor” Mario Mainero said was a sure bet to reep in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for the County by overturning the retroactive portion of the 3% at 50 pension benefit for sheriff’s deputies has ruled… THE CASE HAS NO MERIT! Norberto Santana…

Ruling Expected Today On Sheriff’s Pension Case

I’m hearing that the judge in the case brought by The County of Orange to reverse Sheriff’s the 3% at 50 pensions will render a decision on the merits of the case today. We’re taking bets on whether Moorlach’s Folly will pay, or become a mult-million dollar rabbit hole. I’m betting on the rabbit hole.

Headlines from my Four Daily Newspapers

Wall Street Journal: Obama Warns of “Lost Decade” (subhead: President says Federal Government Is The Only Remaining Option to Jolt Economy) New York Times: Obama Makes Case as Stimulus Bill Clears Hurdle (subhead: He says that failing to act could lead to a catastrophe) Los Angeles Times: A sharper tone, a call to action (subhead:…

The Irvine Tattler hangs it up

The Irvine Tattler, a web site that offered no ability to correct incorrect information, is going offline on Valentine’s Day. The site, which hadn’t had a new posted since October 29, 2008 (they ran out of gas before election day) slung some of the best mud out there, mostly directly at Todd Gallinger for his…

Pain in the TOT

Declines in hotel occupancy and visitors to the Disney Resort may make a projected increase in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenues zero out.  The visitors generating the TOT also drop sales tax revenue in the city.  Declining sales tax revenues directly impact the general fund.   The FY 2008/09 budget (completed in July 2008) forecast an…