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Close Enough

Some of you know I coach a girl’s 5th and 6th grade basketball team in Irvine. My team is a great group of girl’s and about half the team has never played basketball before, so their are a lot of traveling violations; we practice pivoting a lot.  When one of them gets caught traveling, they…

Rick Warren Gets His New Year’s Wish

Over the weekend we learned that Pastor Rick Warren got his $900,000 bailout from his flock; and then some. It must be wonderful to ask for, and receive, unlimited funding to do with as you please without any oversight or control. I am reminded of Tammy Faye Bakker and her tearful pleas for money for the PTL ministry run by her and her husband Jim Bakker.

AP’s Top News Stories of 2009

I would have thought the confirmation of Justice Sotomayor would have warranted inclusion, but per the editors of the Associated Press, here are the top news stories of 2009. Here are 2009’s top 10 stories as voted by the U.S. editors and news directors:  -1. THE ECONOMY: Despite a $787 billion federal stimulus package, much…

Rick Warren does not want $1 million by midnight!

That’s right! Warren does not want his followers to donate $1 million by midnight tonight — he only wants $900,000. Whew! Warren himself probably can’t afford to donate, since he supposedly takes no salary as preacher-in-chief at Saddleback Church. (What he gets instead is a six-figure “housing expense,” which is not subject to income tax!…

TheLiberalOC’s Top Story of 2009

We have had some pretty interesting stories over the past year. Some we broke, others we just covered. From Westminster City Councilman Andy “Smiley” Quach and his DUI to Assemblyman “Open Mike” Duvall’s romps with a lobbyist it has been an eventful year.

Melissa Fox Gears Up for 2010 Assembly Race

This blog loves Melissa Fox.  She’s smart.  She’s capable.  And she’s one of the best Democratic candidates for the Assembly seat now held by State Rep. Chuck DeVore in years.  Her Republican opponents – Steven Choi, Don Wagner and Jerry Amante – look more and more like theThree Stooges as they try and out-conservative each…