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Irvine’s Budget Outlook for 2010; Reserves are Healthy

Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang, fresh of his listing as one of OC Metro’s “Orange County’s 25 Hottest People,” issued a report on the City of Irvine’s budget outlook for 2010. While revenues are down, strict cost cutting and smaller government have resulted in a healthly rainy day fund — all without cuts to services city residents have come to expect.

The Mayor’s report is listed below. At a time when so many Orange County cities are hurting financially and cutting back, it’s nice to see Irvine’s progressive leadership continues demonstrate quality government with all the compassion that lacks from conservative proposals to cut services to those who need help the most.

Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias- GOP in an Independent’s Clothing

The Latino community has been reporting for the past couple of weeks a woman who has been going around the community named Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias touting herself as an Independent candidate for Congress in the 47th Congressional District, Loretta Sanchez’ seat. A little digging is revealing a much bigger picture, a clear effort by the Republican party to split the Latino vote from Loretta in the general. Nice try folks, but next time, try to hide the evidence better.

First, I went to Iglesias’ website, which you can see HERE. On her bio page, one can get the first hints she is a ringer for the GOP. She mentions working for a voter registration project in the Santa Ana and Garden Grove area, but fails to detail which one. Could it be the one that was illegally switching voters to the Republican party? Apparently she is also a resident of the Windsor Village neighborhood. So upon learning that, I looked into her voter registration information. She is apparently registered in the neighborhood at 1322 S. Arapaho Dr., which is in the neighborhood. The interesting part is she only registered there this past August.

Voice of OC Hires Managing Editor

Spencer Kornhaber over at OCWeekly followed up on his previous cover story regarding The Voice of OC, the nonprofit news site helmed by former Register reporter Norberto Santana, Jr. Korhaber reports that: The Voice of OC has taken at least one staffer from a publication close to its own heart. The Voice of San Diego on Wednesday…

Loretta’s Holiday Card Debuts December 1

We just received word from the DPOC that Rep. Loretta Sanchez will make an announcement on December 1.  The announcement isn’t that she will run for Governor, but will be about the debut of her new holiday card.  Will it be racy?  Tame? Controversial? And how many lives does that cat have exactly? Previous cards…

A Thanksgiving Note from Beth Krom

The Pilgrims could never have imagined America as we know it today. From our colonial roots, we have grown into a country that remains the envy of the world, even in these challenging times. A country that has welcomed millions of immigrants in search of a better life to our shores. A country that has…