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Rick Warren does not want $1 million by midnight!

That’s right! Warren does not want his followers to donate $1 million by midnight tonight — he only wants $900,000. Whew! Warren himself probably can’t afford to donate, since he supposedly takes no salary as preacher-in-chief at Saddleback Church. (What he gets instead is a six-figure “housing expense,” which is not subject to income tax!…

TheLiberalOC’s Top Story of 2009

We have had some pretty interesting stories over the past year. Some we broke, others we just covered. From Westminster City Councilman Andy “Smiley” Quach and his DUI to Assemblyman “Open Mike” Duvall’s romps with a lobbyist it has been an eventful year.

Melissa Fox Gears Up for 2010 Assembly Race

This blog loves Melissa Fox.  She’s smart.  She’s capable.  And she’s one of the best Democratic candidates for the Assembly seat now held by State Rep. Chuck DeVore in years.  Her Republican opponents – Steven Choi, Don Wagner and Jerry Amante – look more and more like theThree Stooges as they try and out-conservative each…

Orange County Political Losers of 2009

For some reason Orange County is a magnet for political losers. In recognition of that unbearable truth, and the fact we’re almost done with 2009, here is my list of the OC Political Losers of 2009. Dean Grose — The Los Alamitos Mayor who found it funny to send an email picture of the White House rising over a watermelon patch.

Best Wingnut of 2009? It’s Orly Taitz

The 2009 Stinque Awards presents OC-birther/lawyer/dentist/realtor Orly Taitz with its 2009 Wingnut of the Year award.  All of the 2009 Stinque Awards are worth a read so check out the blog here.  But the best part of the Orly award is the comment left by “ManchuCandidate” with the lyrics to a song about Orly sung…

Tan Nguyen – Back in the News

Tan Nguyen, the Republican challenger to Loretta Sanchez in 2006 who’s defaced campaign signs helped launch, is back. In the news anyway. Martin Wisckol over at Total Buzz has the story on the latest motion filed in his battle against federal charges related to his failed campaign. For those of you who do not…

Happy Holidays From

The entire blog team here at TheLiberalOC wishes you the happiest of holidays this season. From celebrations of Winter Solstice to Christmas; from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa, we hope you enjoy your holidays with family and friends.